Eco-friendly food packaging

wooden series catalogue

Packing Green supplies sustainable food packaging disposables to the food service industry in Singapore.

Whether your customers need to bring home their leftover, take-away their order or for a food delivery, biodegradable containers are the eco-friendly solution. They are the alternative to plastic containers which can be harmful and toxic for the environment.

Our selection of eco-friendly take-away containers is affordable and extensive enough to meet your needs. We offer different designs, sizes or renewable material such as sugarcane pulp (or bagasse pulp), bamboo, wood and Polylactic Acid (PLA). Check out our range of disposable take-away containers, disposable coffee cups, disposable bento boxes, disposable wooden packaging, straw paper and cutlery, and disposable paper bags.

Emphasize your commitment for our planet and opt for the beautiful and natural design that only eco-friendly food packaging can bring. Brand customization is also available to enhance brand recognition. 

Get in touch with our team to request for sustainable samples.

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